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Join us for Backyard Kids Club 2019 at Willow Creek Park!

If you have a child in Kindergarten through 5th Grade, this free community event is for you! We hope you will make plans to attend.

When is Backyard Kids Club (BKC)?

6:00-8:00 p.m. / Monday – Friday* / August 5th-9th

*Note: Friday, we will meet at Fellowship Baptist Church for Celebration Night!

Where Will Backyard Kids Club Be Held?

This year, Backyard Kids Club will be at the Willow Creek Pavilion just north of McLeroy Blvd.


Celebration Night

On Friday Night we will be meeting at Fellowship Baptist Church for Celebration Night. Parents and family are invited to attend with their kids for a short opening rally where the kids will get to show off the songs and other things they learned throughout the week. We'll have a big party afterward on the church grounds with lots of fun activities and food!


FAQ About Backyard Kids Club

What ages may attend BKC?

Kindergarten – 5th Grade (exceptions made for preschool siblings, but please contact the church office at 817-847-5483 or office@connect2fellowship.com for more details)

Does BKC cost anything?

Nope! This is a FREE event offered as a service to the Saginaw community. 

What types of activities will my child be doing while at BKC?

Music (with fun motions!), Relay-type Games, Crafts (1 per night), Story Time (with captivating object lessons), and Snacks (allergy-free options available).

How is an evening at BKC structured?

After checking in with our attendance secretaries, your child will join the BKC leaders and the other kids for a fun time of music. Following this, the kids will divide into groups based upon grade level and rotate from station to station with their group leaders.

Grade level rotation groups will be as follows: K / 1st - 2nd / 3rd-4th / 5th.

Ten minutes before pickup, all the groups will come back together for a quick recap and final song before dismissal.*

*Note: Parents please wait in line allowing us to sign out the children one at a time to help ensure safety at pick up time.

Will there be snacks and drinks at BKC?

Each night the kids will enjoy a yummy treat during their group’s snack time! Water and Gatorade are available throughout the evening in order to keep the kids well hydrated.

What if my child has a food allergy?

An allergen-free alternative snack will be available each night for kids with food allergies. These snacks will avoid the 8 major allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, gluten, soy, tree nuts, shellfish, fish). If your child has a dietary need beyond the avoidance of these 8 allergens, please let us know in advance how we may accommodate him or her. Children needing an allergen-free snack will have a special color-coded sticker on their name tag so the workers can accommodate them.

What should my child wear to BKC?

Kids should wear summer play clothes. Sneakers are preferable for game activities but not a requirement. Kids may get splashed a little by a few games involving water.

Who will be working with my child?

BKC is led by background-check-approved adult volunteers from Fellowship Baptist Church. Teens from the Fellowship Student Ministry will assist the adult leaders.

How will BKC ensure the safety of my child?

A number of different safety measures will be in place to ensure the security of your child:

  • All volunteers have passed an official federal and state level background check.

  • All volunteers will also be easily identified by our unique BKC volunteer t-shirts.

  • Security personnel will be in place at each site nightly dedicated to ensuring the kids’ safety.

  • Everyone remaining at BKC will wear a nightly color-coded bracelet. This includes parents who may wish to remain for the entire event. (Anyone without a bracelet will be swiftly approached by our security personnel.)

  • All kids must be signed in and signed out ONLY by the authorized pickup person(s) indicated on their registration forms. Authorized pickup individuals may be asked to show a photo ID if attendance secretaries deem it necessary to ensure a child’s safety.

Basic First Aid will be available as well as individuals trained in CPR.

What happens if there’s inclement weather?

In case of bad weather, BKC will be temporarily relocated to the facilities at Fellowship Baptist Church for that evening (click church name for directions). A text and email will be sent to all parents several hours before BKC if inclement weather arises, causing us to temporarily relocate. BKC sites will not be relocated for scattered light showers and no risk of lightning.

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